Nila -
Monsoon Trail 2018

14 N/ 15 D hop-on hop-off trip along the banks of #RiverNila in the invigorating Kerala monsoon.


Petrichor is India’s first B2B platform promoting responsible tourism and experiential activities. We offer local and authentic experiences and unique stays in traditional homes and properties that can be hand-picked and stitched into itineraries for destinations like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and other major destinations in India. Reach out to us for detailed list of activities in your preferred destination.

Trails to experience


Kochi, Kerala

Fort Kochi and Mattancherry

Fort Kochi Walking Tour : Take a walk into the history of Arabs, Chinese, Jews, Dutch, English and Portuguese influences in forming present day Fort Kochi. 1.5 hours.

Mattancherry Walking Tour : Walk along Mattancherry streets, visit its famous temples and markets to get a taste of its local flavour. 1.5 hours.

Border Walk : Walk across the border of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry influences in architecture, the still flourishing spice market, local churches with colonial influences. 2 hours.

Tuk-Tuk Day Tour: Travel in a tuk-tuk, experience the food and culture of Fort Kochi. Guided visits to Dutch Palace and Paradesi Synagogue included. 8 hours.

Vaikom, Kerala

Vaikom Backwater Village

Kari Trail : The Kari Trail takes you through agrarian backwater regions surrounding Kanjiramattom and Vaikom, into a rural ambience and lives of its people. Activities include : Mat weaving, Pottery, Stone sculpting, Mussel farming, Coir-making, Handloom weaving, Apothecary unit etc...

Palakkad, Kerala

River Nila

#ItsTheWayYouSeeIt : Experience the cultural richness that #RiverNila has nurtured over the years. Encounter rare art forms and craftsmanship. Spend time with the artists and their families. Listen to magical myths and narratives. Live in traditional homes in villages where Nila is more a culture than a river.

Varapuzha, Kerala

Pokkali Farming Village

The Story of a Rice - A unique community-based initiative to preserve and conserve Pokkali, a saline- tolerant rice facing the threat of extinction. Activities include: Organic Farm Visit, Culinary Trail, The Story of Pokkali, Thoni Cruise, Lunch with locals.

Pondicherry, India

Pondicherry & Auroville

There is so much more to Pondicherry than what meets the eye. A dynamic fuse of cultures from many parts of India and the world, stories hidden around every corner, a treasure-trove of heritage buildings both local & colonial and the natural habitat in and around the city make Pondicherry a peaceful getaway. Add to that the appeal of a unique community based on the principles of harmony, sustainability & innovation in the form of Auroville and we have the perfect backdrop for an immersive, meaningful travel experience. is an initiative aimed at creating a community of passionate storytellers from various destinations. They are the torchbearers of preserving the culture and heritage of their homeland. The initiative also enables storytellers to earn a supplementary income by leading your travel experience. The ripple effect of this is the sense of responsibility towards conserving and preserving the local art and culture, heritage and folklore of the region.
When you travel with us, you will be lead by our storytellers, most of whom have spent their childhood in the very destination you visit. Their stories of growing up will be a part of your journey, thus making it an inclusive experience.

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